Multifunction Push-Up Board

$39.90 $69.90

Bulk up, build up, and flex up today! 

         Pecs? Triceps? Bigger gun? All that, and more! With the color-coded, home-friendly, workout tool, FlexPro! specially designed to help enhance specific upper body muscles during every workout. It is Portable, easy to use anywhere you like Outdoors, Office, Home, or Gym. Easy to assemble and store after every use, saves space compared to the usual bulky home workout equipment.
        Start challenging strength and Conditioning Body Muscles with Power Press push-ups, finish intense calorie-burning cardio, plyometric, and core exercises for a total body workout.

Why Multifunction Push-Up Board?

Heavy duty ''Plug & Press'' Push-up Board System with Multiple positions and angles to sculpt and maximize upper body definition

Color-coded push up board, targets specific muscles
(Blue- Pectoral Muscle / Chest, Red- Shoulder Muscle, Yellow- Latissimus Muscle / Back, Green- Triceps)

Effective Workout Routine for Upper Body

Burn Calories and Lose Weight

Build strength with this innovative push-up system

Portable Exercise Equipment, Easy to assemble and store

Premium Non-Slip Hand Grips

Product Details:

  • Material: ABS Plastic
  • Color: Black
  • Handle Size: 16cm 11cm
  • Board Size: 59.5cm18.3cm*1.8cm
  • Net weight: 520g
  • Gross weight: 550g


  • 1 x Board
  • 1 x Pair of Handles
  • 1 x Pad of Anti-Slip Adhesives






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